Rossara Tunisian Deglet Nour 400 Grams


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Carefully cultivated, harvested and packed in Tunisia, Rossara Tunisian Deglet Nour are medium-sized, premium quality dates with a long, oval shape. It has a light, translucent exterior and a semi-dry consistency. Known for its slightly crunchy texture, the date is of moderate sweetness and has a delicious nutty aftertaste likened to browned butter and cashew. High in essential nutrients, fibre and disease-fighting antioxidants, each serving comes with a multitude of health benefits which makes it the perfect healthy, guilt-free snack.

TIP: The firmness of Deglet Nour dates allows them to be easily chopped and diced without becoming mushy, maintaining a slight bite when used in bread, cookies and cakes.

Origin: Tunisia
Weight: 400 Grams
Storage: Refrigeration Recommended
Shelf Life:
Packaging: Box
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