Arafa Tunisian Deglet Nour Dates 500 Gram


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Popularly known as the 'Queen of all dates', Arafa Tunisian Deglet Nour Dates are medium-sized and have a narrow, elongated oval shape. It has a slightly translucent, amber coloured skin which wraps around the sweet, nutty flesh. The date has a slight crunch which adds another layer of texture to it. Rich in fibre, iron, potassium, vitamins and antioxidants, the dates offer numerous health and nutritional benefits to those who consume it.

TIP: The firmness of the Deglet Nour dates allows them to be easily chopped and diced without becoming mushy, maintaining a slight bite when used in bread, cookies and cakes.

Origin: Tunisia
Weight: 500 Grams
Storage: Cool and Dry Place
Shelf Life: 18 Months
Packaging: Box
Packaging Size:
Certifications: Halal Certified