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Khenaizi has a firmer, fleshy structure with a slightly longer pit. These highly prized Emirate black dates are sought after for their rich yet not too intense flavor due to their moderate level of sweetness. Khenaizi is the perfect choice for those who prefer a balanced sweetness in dates.

Dates pack a nutritional punch with its vitamins, minerals and nutrients like Iron, Folate, and Calcium that can top many other fruits. It is high fibre and antioxidant content.

TIP: Regular consumption of dates (ideally 4-6 dates per day), is good for brain and bone health, providing a good source of vitamins and minerals. Try incorporating dates as a sugar swap into your meals or bakes!

Origin: United Arab Emirates
Weight: 250 Grams / 500 Grams / 1 Kilogram
Storage: Dry and Cool Place
Packaging: Pouch
Product Size: 16cm x 20cm x 6cm (250g) / 20cm x 25cm x 6cm (500g) / 24cm x 18.5cm x 5.5cm (1kg)
Certifications: Halal Certified, Vegan Approved