Are Dates Vegan-Friendly?

Lose or Safeguard your Weight Vegan style!

Now this is one topic that interests a lot of people, women or men, in this era, especially those living in the wild rat race and who barely have time to head off to the gym for a workout. Some people opt for low-carb, high-protein, while some opt to skip dinner altogether. At All Kurma, however, we do not condone skipping any meals because we believe food is the key to our soul, or perhaps, we just love eating!

So why not try the vegan diet to lose or safeguard your weight? This month, All Kurma is all about going vegan, so let's give this a whirl, delve in deeper with what we can do to eat more yet gain less (weight), dates fruit and many other delicious treats included of course. And we promise to make this entry as delicious as a triple cheeseburger with extra mayonnaise and BBQ sauce!


The key to an interesting vegan diet that helps you stick to a new discipline is to keep your palate colourful. Also worth noting is to first keep it simple, especially if you are the type that runs a hectic work/household life. Do not overplan or complicate your meal, or else the regime may only last a week or two at most before you run out of steam trying to maneuver between staying healthy the vegan way AND 2,540 other work deadlines and house chores.

So let's go back to the basic calculation for weight loss. It is very important to burn more calories than you consume. We suggest that you keep your daily calorie count to under 1,200.


Hot pancakes are among the best breakfast menus ever! Switch cow milk with almond milk or soy milk for some nice, light and fluffy vegan pancakes. Since your main goal is to lose weight, substitute white sugar with date syrup. Stick to only 2 pieces of pancakes in the morning. Get the recipe HERE. Drizzle some date syrup to taste, but not too much. Remember, the key is always, moderation.

(Calorie Count: 300)


In case you're still feeling a little hungry after those lovely pancakes at breakfast, slowly chew 2 dates, just enough to sustain you until lunch.

(Calorie count: 66)


Pack a nice filling sandwich loaded with vegetables. Spread some hummus on a slice of whole-grain bread and mashed avocado on the other slice. Chop and slice lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers, carrots and pitted dates and squeeze them between the bread slices. You may also spread some sesame seed dressing, if you prefer. You may refer to this recipe for reference.

(Calorie Count: 320)


Again, for snacks, we recommend a couple of dates or a handful of nuts like pistachios or almonds. Small amounts of healthy snacks like this are good to keep you from feeling peckish and tempting to eat more.


You may go for something with higher calories for dinner, so your body will be well-nourished until the next morning. The key is to keep the calorie count lower than 500 per serving. Yes, you can have a fulfilling salad with a small serving of quinoa as a healthier substitute for rice. Just throw as much greens as you'd like, as long as you add some chopped pitted dates. But even salads can get a little boring day in day out, so try something new like roasted cauliflower and potato curry soup. Don't forget to add some chopped dates to add some sweetness into your spicy flavours. You may serve this with pita or multigrain bread.

(Calorie count: 440)

For more delicious vegan recipes, check out this website HERE. Just remember to always be adventurous and try out new recipes to keep your vegan diet yummilicious. With a little bit of research into its ingredients, we can always fulfill all the nutrient requirements our body needs under the vegan style, with the feeling of eating a lot healthier, greener and cleaner will trump it all of course. Enjoy and have fun, with your newly found vegan lifestyle.

Now that you've gotten your dose of upDates! Till our next date, Eat Fresh and Stay Well, only from All Kurma.