Ramadan – A Month of Giving 

Ramadan 2021 has begun and not only is it the time for most of us to strengthen our relationship with our loved ones, it is also a period of reflection where we do our utmost best to present the best side of ourselves. Besides fasting from sunrise to sunset, showing our compassion to those around us and demonstrating care and concern are the things that make this month significant. To achieve that during this special month of giving, the team at All Kurma Singapore are happy to recommend some Ramadan Gift Giving and Healthy Ramadan Fasting tips! 


The Ramadan Spirit Of Giving is significant during this special month as it teaches us the values of sacrifice and generosity. We often hear of giving gifts during Ramadan to charities and the community, but why not start off with the first step by showing love to the ones closest to our hearts? Here is a list of Ramadan gift ideas to set you off on the right foot:

Gift Bundles 

From family, friends to colleagues, we have just the right gift bundles for you to get into the Ramadan spirit of giving

  • For Family 

The new normal has undeniably resulted in fewer opportunities to bond with our extended family members and Ramadan is an ideal time to catch up with those you miss the most (while adhering to social distancing guidelines, of course)! We always want the best for our family, which is why we recommend gifting them our Masafii Premium Set – the perfect option with an assortment of dates for both the young and old. 

  • For Friends 

True friends are the ones you can rely on and confide in so why not thank them for being with you throughout the good and the bad by buying Ramadan gifts for friends? It may get a little difficult to find something that matches each of your friends’ personalities, but fret not as our Masafii Festive set provides the right variety that will bring smiles to their faces. 

  • For Colleagues

Gifts for co-workers can enhance connections, boost morale and are also a good way to show your appreciation and gratitude for the collaborations forged throughout the year. We have curated the best gift for your colleagues – our Date Crown Premium Set which is not only a great present, but also serves as healthy food during Ramadan!

What’s more, enjoy a special discount of 15% off with every Ramadan gift set purchased. Since Ramadan is a special month for all, we have decided that the more you spend, the more special treats you get! Check out even more goodies below: 

- 1x FREE Greeting Card with Personalized Message 

- 1x FREE All Kurma Ramadhan Money Packet & Greeting Card with min. purchase of $20 

- 1x FREE Ramadhan Light Stand, All Kurma Ramadhan Money Packet & Greeting Card with min. purchase of $40 

Home-made Desserts 

Nothing beats receiving gifts that fit right into a healthy ramadan diet than those which are also handmade with love! If you would like to surprise your friends with some sweet treats within your budget, why not bake them yourself? We would like to share 2 easy Ramadan recipes with you to spread some festive cheer: 

  • Mixed Nuts Stuffed Dates 

Not only are stuffed dates yummy, they also look pleasing to the eye and anyone would be delighted to receive these “dressed up” treats that say “Happy Ramadan”! 


  1. After slicing the Jericho Medjool Dates lengthwise, remove the pits. 
  2. Gently fill each date with half a tablespoon of cream cheese. 
  3. Garnish with chopped almonds, cashews and walnuts from our Springdale Cottage Range. Top it off with a slight drizzle of Dattela Date Syrup.
  • Dates, Almonds and Pistachio Tarts 

We can’t resist the heavenly match of dates, almonds and pistachios, which is why we are recommending another easy Ramadan snack recipe featuring these three ingredients! Packed to the brim with vitamins and nutrients, these dates, almonds and pistachio tarts are a good option for your loved ones to snack on. 


  1. In a bowl, beat butter, ghee & salt with a spatula for a good 2 minutes before adding 1 egg and beating for another minute.
  2. Add in flour bit by bit and fold it into a dough, followed by adding chopped almonds to create more texture. Place the dough mixture onto a piece of baking paper and use a tart mould to shape the tarts. 
  3. Using the pitted Fard dates, make it into a paste with a food processor. Then place it gently onto the tarts before adding another layer of thin dough on top. 
  4. Sprinkle some chopped pistachio bits onto the tarts and bake them at 160°C for 15 minutes and they will be ready! Simply set them into gift boxes after cooling and they’ll be good to go. 

If you would like more inspiration for these dates, almonds and pistachio tarts, stay tuned to a very special video by our favourite Chef Mel Dean who will bring you through a step-by-step tutorial on this easy Ramadan recipe

There we have it – the Ramadan spirit of giving during this Ramadan month is tremendously important and we hope that we have inspired you to embrace it. Not only will gifting develop closer bonds with those around you, you will also grow with the process as you present a more compassionate side of yourself. Indulge in some shopping of Ramadan gifts online today and we wish everyone Ramadan Kareem!