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Known for its distinctly smooth and glossy surface, Fardh/Fard dates have a deep, dark brown colour. Sink your teeth into its soft and thick flesh that wraps around a small seed. It has a strong, fibre structure which gives it a moderately sweet taste. High in Vitamin C and iron, these dates are perfect for a guilt-free midday snack to perk up your day!

TIP: With its soft, non-sticky texture, you can use it as a stuffing to spice up your meal.

Origin: United Arab Emirates
Weight: 250 Grams / 500 Grams / 1 Kilogram
Storage: Dry and Cool Place
Packaging: Pouch / Box
Product Size: 16cm x 20cm x 6cm (250g) / 20cm x 25cm x 6cm (500g) / 24cm x 18.5cm x 5.5cm (1kg)
Certifications: Halal Certified, Vegan Approved