Date Crown Khalas Dates In Pouch / Box


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A common staple of the Middle East, Date Crown Khalas are of average sized and oblong in shape. The reddish dark brown dates are moist and sticky, with a full-bodied flavour and a creamy, butter-caramel taste. It is very meaty and tender to the bite. Favoured for its high content of fibre, rich vitamins and good minerals, you can be assured of the multitude of health and nutritional benefits that comes with each serving.

TIP: Regular consumption of dates (ideally 4-6 dates per day), is good for brain and bone health, providing a good source of vitamins and minerals. Try incorporating dates as a sugar swap into your meals or bakes!

Origin: United Arab Emirates
Weight: 250g / 1 Kg / 5Kg
Storage: Dry and Cool Place
Packaging: Box
Product Size: 24cm x 18.5cm x 5.5cm
Certifications: Halal Certified, Vegan Approved