CNY 2021 Delights: Kueh Lapis 九层糕 Recipe

With the onset of spring and the lunar new year, we can almost taste the pineapple tarts and love letters that we’re going to feast on for days! For CNY 2021, the All Kurma Team has decided to make your festivities even more flavourful by sharing with you the kueh lapis recipe that was passed down from our Founders’ family. Although it might be hard to get your favourite kueh lapis down from Indonesia, we wanted to let you in on our easy and delicious secret method of baking this delicacy in the warmth of your home.

Kueh Lapis

Every CNY brings with it the delicious spiced layer cake called kueh lapis (九层糕). The many layers of kueh lapis represent layers of prosperity, making it a season favourite! What makes All Kurma’s recipe extra special is the Springdale Cottage Pitted Prunes that was added in the mix.
These fat-free mouth melters don’t just add a burst of flavours to your dish, but they also give you a boost of Potassium, Vitamin K, Iron and Fibre that your body needs after all those sinful CNY treats.

Download the CNY Kueh Lapis Recipe here

Wishing all our valued customers an abundance of joy, blessings and peace

Celebrate this Lunar New Year with All Kurma Singapore’s special family recipe. As you prepare for a period of feasting, enjoy guilt-free snacking of our dish of layered abundance with the nutritious Springdale Cottage Pitted Prunes. Shop for healthy Dried Fruits products from our Springdale Cottage collection here. The All Kurma team wishes you and your family a prosperous festive season!